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Working towards a brighter financial future for all.

Our Approach

We invest in companies with great ideas and great people, committed to building a brighter financial future - for all.

We help them unfurl their sails. And navigate open seas, together.
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We help companies by tapping into our own experience as operators.
& Scale
Typical investments will range from $500K to $2M.
We focus on products that are already in-market.
We plan to deploy Fund 1 across a limited number of highly focused investments.

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Investment Profile


Our flagship investment. Upswot gives banks a better way to connect with and support their SME customer. It goes beyond a bank statement. It’s a WHY and a RECOMMENDATION for how the bank can add value.
Dmitry Norenko
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Quick Fact
Launched multiple pilots with Banks in EU & USA.
Quick Fact
2 years old.
Already converting
into deals.
Quick Fact
$4 million dollar Seed round.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people possess the tools to drive consistent prosperity. We finance people and ideas that share this same vision with us.
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